Rori Domri Greybelly

Dwarf Druid from anywhere, who knows?


Rori Domri Greybelly remembers he wants to bring good back to his house’s name, he knows his kinfolk has soiled it black with their greed and terrible nature, and he knows pride has long since been lost to the lands of that house. The problem? He just can’t remember the name of his family’s house. Adopting the surname Greybelly (and given the moniker Grey the Forget-Fool), Rori uses his new found talent (at least he’s sure it’s new) to travel the world with his good friend Sebastian Twinkletoes. He only wishes to (re)master his gifts, seek out good and wholesome adventure, and remember where he used to reside should he wish to arrive again!

“Time has taught me many things, it’s just too bad I can’t remember most of… Wait, what were we talking about again?”


Rori Domri Greybelly

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