Rori Domri Greybelly

Dwarf Druid from anywhere, who knows?


Rori Domri Greybelly remembers he wants to bring good back to his house’s name, he knows his kinfolk has soiled it black with their greed and terrible nature, and he knows pride has long since been lost to the lands of that house. The problem? He just can’t remember the name of his family’s house. Adopting the surname Greybelly (and given the moniker Grey the Forget-Fool), Rori uses his new found talent (at least he’s sure it’s new) to travel the world with his good friend Sebastian Littlefoot. He only wishes to (re)master his gifts, seek out good and wholesome adventure, and remember where he used to reside should he wish to arrive again!

Beyond this, as a side quest, Rori and Sebastian have long since wished to find the beloved and most mysterious Strudelstruesalstollen. Strudelstruesalstollen is a mouthwatering pastry with a sweet honey kissed topping. It is covered with a perfect calculated mixture of an old elvish and dwarvish recipe. The recipe creates a crispy and crinkly bread that when bitten into pops apart like brittle leaves and sends the taste of honey drizzled pastry into every reaches of the mouth. The center of this elegant pastry is always filled to its limit with a variety of a fruity or custard center.

“Time has taught me many things, it’s just too bad I can’t remember most of… Wait, what were we talking about again?”


Rori and Sebastian have been travelling together for many years and have come to be very close. As they have travelled they have gone on many adventures and have seen much to be discussed over a good pastry and a glass of ale.

Rori and the Old Prophesy

His recent adventure with Sebastian has him written in a prophecy speaking of a Dragon King. Little else is known other than that to Rori and Sebastian, even after Rori’s questions with Alatar. He remains a bit skeptical of such a thing until further proof is shown.

Rori and His Conversation with a Book

The discovery of a book has also opened up a way for Rori to discover his past as well as help a potential old friend, the king of the wars long ago who is now trapped in the pages of a book. Rori is not sure which page he’s trapped on, but he’s sure he’s in one of the pages, or is it the cover or spine? He has wanted to ask many things, but is afraid of both the answer and the responsibility of the answer that follows. He’s also not fully sure if the book can be trusted. Stories are stories, and Rori has many, but even Rori knows not all of his could be true. So he only writes a bit.

Rori’s Adventure

To this day Rori is ever trying to grow new friends for he and his friend Sebastian, who seems to be gravely disliked by society – he cannot understand this, as Sebastian is a pleasant man with a pleasant face and pleasant tendencies.

He and Sebastian have been and are now travelling with their new best friends as they adventure in the city. They’re playing hero against villainous spiders, burrowing things, and cubes that should be spheres. They’ve seen a void, talked to an old man that is not old to Rori, found out they are a prophesy, and learned people cry in streets.

He has befriended his new travelling companions with ease! Clearly he is the favorite one of them, as they have now invited him to go somewhere with them, and to make matters better they will be getting a large sandwich! He even protected the Halfling from the large human Argokian who hates magic users (whom he also almost bested in an arm wrestle).

Rori Domri Greybelly

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