Travathon Smokeseller

Halfling Necromancer


Travathon Smokeselller keeps to himself for the most part. Not because he doesn’t want anyone getting to know him, but from being generally overlooked by the taller folk of the land.
This doesn’t bother Travathon, as he would much rather take a long pull from his pipe and disappear into the smoke before summoning some form of magic than talking to those who like to pat on his head for good luck, or talk about his grandfather.
Always seen with Travathon are his lucky pipe and his chameleon familiar, Sapphire.
When you can see Travathon, he certainly stands out from the crowd. Be it his new, fancy crimson robes, constant cloud of smoke, or his tattoos, people turn heads when they take note of the halfling.
Tattoos seen by the party are Travathon’s vantablack right hand. On his right wrist is tattooed a manacle, with arcane marks on the locks and other marks all over the manacle.
On his left arm tattooed smoke creeps from the middle of the back of his hand all the way up to his shoulder. The wisps of smoke form arcane marks.
On the left ring finger is tattooed a ring from his knuckle to his hand. Writing is etched in the silver tattoo in vantablack.
Travathon is covered in tattoos.
Right hand- The most obvious of Travathon’s appearance is his black hand. One day, Travathon was in his basement, pouring over the texts left behind by his grandfather. In one of those texts was a spell to contact the Void. Travathon didn’t understand what this meant, so as he had done many times before he followed the casting to the letter, opening up a rift in space and exposing the Smokesellers to the Void once again. Travathon reached out with his hand and saw the other side. Darkness, evil, death, these are the things that Travathon saw his first foray into the Void. When he came back, his hand was black and the darkness was creeping up his arm. Feeling sick, Travathon raced through the tomes, finding a spell that binds the Void to the user. The spell created an arcane lock that looks like a shackle on his right wrist. The symbols and runes on the shackle flaring with light when he comes close to the Void.
Left Arm- On Travathon’s left arm is a tattoo that looks like smoke covering the arm from the wrist to the shoulder. Looking closer, you can make out arcane symbols of protection in the smoke, made by the clouds. The smoke creeps down his wrist into the back and palm of his hand.
Left hand- On his left ring finger, Travathon has a ring tattooed. The ring spans from knuckle to knuckle, with writing in six languages (celestial, abyssal, infernal, halfling, void and draconic) all reading “Though I am gone, I am with you.”
Back- On his back is a massive scene that depicts his grandfather’s telling of the story that made him famous. Five different Gerards populate all over the back, with a half-orc, a wizard and a rouge all fighting a creatue of divine power.
Right leg- On his right leg from ankle to thigh is a spiderweb, all over the spiderweb, purple black widows that represent the Spider Queen populate the leg, looking like near thousands to show her reach amongst Kyranda.
Left leg- On his left leg, Travathan has a tattoo of Sapphire, his familiar chameleon.

Travathon looks exhausted from the road, his long brown hair and beard scraggly and dirty as travel is never very kind to his body, However, a good night of gambling or perhaps a bit of pilfering will always recharge the batteries.

Travathon is the first son of Allistar and Olina Smokesellar. They had three children. Grayson is a merchant, he didn’t follow in the footsteps of any of his family. Amelia is a cleric of Lloth, like her father before her and his father before him. Amelia is the favored of the family, as she committed herself to the devotions of the Spider Queen.
Travathan has a small family. His wife Willow is a druid. The two had two children, Phoenix and Graycelyyn.
Phoenix is now Void-touched. Her left foot is completely black, with the darkness creeping up her leg. The darkness is now up to her knee, the blackness showing in her veins She currently looks gray and dead on the outside, she never gets up from bed and Willow is working hard to keep her little Phoenix alive while Travathon seeks the cure.
Travathon is the grandson of Gerard Smokseller, who is a level 20 cleric of Lloth and a level 20 necromancer. His eternal life has allowed him to learn all he can about death.
Travathon has been tormented by the tricks of his father and grandfather for most of his life. Being trickery clerics, playing that joke is just what the doctor ordered. Travathan hates tricks, which is why he followed in the arcane footsteps of his grandfather and not the divine.

I am a faithful friend and companion. Travathon will go out of his way to help his fellow adventurers, he does so because assisting someone now has the chance of leading to a favor to be repaid later.
I am a father first- Everything Travathon does must have an impact on the quest to find a cure for Phoenix. It is an obsession to find the cure for his daughter.

Travathon Smokeseller

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